1 question for gm team

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1 question for gm team

Post  KaragounaExtreme on Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:51 am

Curently in L2Drag:
-Kamael skills(paralyze,deadly roulete) with facking imba reuse and land rate like 100%.
-Dagger's skills Trick and Lure somewhat like 1% land rate(that makes imposible to kill tyrant/duelist and sometimes mage in oly).
-Very stupid sieges(like today free heal in throne room by gm buffer).
-Bishops can tank easily 5 daggers and more.

Many ppl complain about these and more things but you just say nothing...

Question: Why shall I vote and call friends on this server with all the above happening?To play with their nerves?

PS:I'm sure that you'll delete this topic but i write it cause your server have MANY nice things but with all the above you ruin gameplay and you end with less players.


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