Bad jobs from gm's

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Bad jobs from gm's

Post  Estel on Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:53 pm

Ok hello everyone fist i have to say good server but bad gm's really i'll tell u everyone something today Melanie was insulting to JustGF = k0nami and when k0nami start to insult him too, the gm ask to him stop do it sooo what it mean? and this guys name XUDINI was insulting to me yesterday and today i asked to gm and he didn't something, he kill me with out reasson and then he didnt ress me i lose my buffs, and this guy Xudini join with poustres and start to insult me again i'll show u im not liying like him..


again... and again..

and then gm come here he kill to me and dont ress me..

after of this he start to ask to gm (i kill him before im editted and another persson kill him coz he was long lvl like him so what do u think about this =gm=darkav im not liying... so jail him? or dont? if this is a good community please do something i join at this server coz i read "good community" :S and good gm's...


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Re: Bad jobs from gm's

Post  sillasp on Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:00 pm

so what? :s


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